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"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."  - Albert Einstein

For those doing something about it, or who would like to....
This is the site for the networking and support of world improvers.
And the resource site for related information.

(in this page)

Make the world a better place.

Help people.

More information.

If you are concerned about one or more problems or issues in the world, you need to minimally share that information. (See unhappy with the world and information).

But if you very seriously want to dive into working on one or more problems/issues.... ----

Make the world a better place :

If you wish to start directly on a particular problem or issue, look for it in the topic problems and issues, and if not found there, you can start in the topic problem-issue to add the information.

An alternate description of what to do is in the topic what to do.

Help people :

(If you need help personally, click this link.)

Continue as above under "Make the world a better place", including sharing this information. Also, see the topic : helping people.

More information :

(in this page below)

    Description of this site.
    A few things about this project.

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This website and project are at the very begin. Most of the needed functions of the website are still under development and are not yet available.


Many words and phrases used here have definitions different than standard or common definitions. Eventually, all the information and functions can be used with other definitions, including by any individual.

One important different definition, and also a good example :

"Unhappy with the world." Here this means someone or a group that are dissatisfied with one or more things in the world, and wish to do everything possible to change this.

Description of this site.

(When this project and web site are further developed...)

For the world improvers, people helpers, or those interested :

Browse all problems and issues, worldwide down to just in your community, organization, and social networks. Follow progress, and learn about what's being about all those you are interested in, and by who.
Manage, improve, and expand the things you are doing to improve the world and help people.
Connect with others and work together efficiently on the problems and issues you are concerned with, using highly effective tools. The tools are also very flexible for types and degrees of participation, including supporting completely independent efforts.

For others, (including those happy with the world) :

You will also benefit from the improvements facilitated by this project (hopefully), but probably will mostly notice and enjoy things that will evolve from the tools being developed. Especially if you are involved with or interested in privacy, research, efficiently sharing non-commercial information (including opinions, reviews, etc.),

And much more.... Details coming soon.

A few things about this project.

This project is basically a very vague and broad concept. It consists of many parts and ideas that have yet to be developed and integrated.

One part is to gather, organize, and distribute information, such as who is concerned about which problems/issues and what they are doing about it. What people who are concerned about something can do about it. Another part is to get people connected and working together, on whatever level or manner.

One large part is about developing tools, technologies, systems, techniques to support and spawn more activities in improving the world and helping people.

Many parts will be documented later. Some details are to be found in the links below.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."  - Robin Williams


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